Lash Extensions available by appointment only.  Contact us for booking and pricing.

Caring for your new lashes

This is your investment. Protect the longevity of your eyelash extensions!! You may get your lashes wet 6-8 hours after your lash appointment, once they are cured.

DO NOT use oil-based makeup removers or oil-based cream around the eye area.  Use only baby shampoo & water to cleanse your lashes – perfect for removing all makeup without damaging the bond o the glue.

DO NOT tug, rub or pull on your lashes.  It could cause your lash extensions to fall out and could damage your natural lashes.

DO NOT use any over-the-counter mascara on your lashes, glycerin/glysol will break down the bond and cause your extensions to slide off.  Use only the oil/gltcol-free mascara provided by your Lash technician

DO ENJOY your beautiful new lashes!!!